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Important Notice - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our Spring 2020 public sessions have been cancelled. We have Fall 2020 public sessions scheduled at this time and other sessions may be added as needed for Fall 2020 Training. If you need training sooner, please contact us for information on private sessions.

What We Do:

 Arizona Smoke School, LLC provides EPA Method 9 Visible Emission Observation certification training to individuals and companies whose duties and/or policies require Method 9 certification.

 Where and How Often:

 In general, we hold public sessions every six months in Arizona and Nevada. Please see the schedule for the exact dates, times, and locations of the public sessions. We are also available to conduct private sessions for your company if you would like to have the training conducted on your site.

 What is EPA Method 9?

 EPA Method 9 is the federal reference method for quantifying visible emissions. The complete description of Method 9 can be found in Volume 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 60, Appendix A. You can also visit the EPA Website here.

Method 9 training is often referred to as “Smoke School” or “Opacity Certification”.

When you come to our Smoke School, you will learn to evaluate the opacity of visible emissions from 0-to-100% and how to correctly complete a Method 9 Visible Emissions Observation Form (VEO Form) for record. To become certified, you must evaluate to the nearest 5%, 25 plumes of White smoke and 25 plumes of Black smoke. No single error is to exceed 15% and you must pass the 25 White plumes and 25 Black plumes consecutively. Those wishing to remain certified in EPA Method 9 must pass the Field Certification test every six months.  The classroom session should be attended about once every two years.

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